Leadership Program

Future Imams/Sheikhs require more than Islamic knowledge alone; they also require experience and understanding of the community’s reality through long-term mentorship, which is provided in the leadership program. The first stage of the leadership program will commence when the accepted students begin the Seekers of Knowledge program.

The second stage begins after graduation upon their return to Australia. They will undergo practical training under the guide of the experienced leaders/Imams/Sheikhs of Vision Islam for 1-2 years. In addition, Vision Islam will reach out to notable community leaders/Imams/Sheikhs within the Muslim community around Australia who can offer further training. This will aid graduates to give their Da’wah in the best possible way, to serve their communities and pass this knowledge to generations to come.

After receiving training and experience, the third stage will be ongoing consultation and assistance. The qualified Imams/Sheikhs will now be able to call to Allah and lead their Muslim communities with confidence on their own, having the assurance and backing of Vision Islam.

It is necessary to train a future generation that is able to assume the responsibility of nurturing the Muslim community in Australia.