Vision Islam was created in 2012, with the need to provide many functions for the Islamic community.

With particular focus on education. We also provide counseling, dawah, charity and other services for the community. We are a non for profit organisation.

Our Projects and Services

VI Academy

Vision Islam Academy is an Islamic educational institution that offers Qur’an and Shari’ah classes. All teachers at Vision Islam Academy are fully qualified and experienced. We are a non for profit organisation and strive to keep our fees to a minimum.

VI Seekers

Become Tomorrows Imam, Today! Our objective is to train many successful applicants with a complete system of education, training and support to successfully become tomorrows Imams and scholars.We have partnered with an internationally recognised Islamic university and other institutions based in Egypt.

VI Media

We are pleased to announce that Vision Islam has been working with a dedicated team of IT professionals to bring you a media experience and alternative to YouTube, dedicated to Islamic only content.

Announcing the arrival of the worlds fully comprehensive Islamic media outlet! With over a 2200 titles that are growing by the hour. Its called Vision Islam media.

We conduct yearly Hajj packages and tours to Makkah and Al Madinah, staying in excellent accommodation, we cater to all your needs during the pilgrimage.

We conduct yearly EID Al Fitr, and EID Al Adha festivals held in: Paul Keating Park Bankstown. With lots of FREE gifts, balloons and show bags for the kids.

Alhumdulilah attendance is packed. The festival is blessed with great weather, fresh air and wonderful brothers and sisters, in a family friendly atmosphere.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Counseling
  • Marriage
  • Friday sermon (khutbah)
  • Daily prayers (For students only)
  • Other services for the community

Charity services:

  • Charity collection and distribution
  • Hardship relief
  • EID Al Maal and Zakaat
  • Charity drives and events
  • Charity auction
  • International charity collection and distribution

Vision Islam has conducted dawah in many forms, through education to our youth, counseling services, training future imams to propagate the dawah of Islam, As well as street dawah, and the distribution of booklets/ pamphlets and other digital media.



Welcome to the MOST comprehensive ISLAM ON DEMAND MEDIA channel! With an array of over 4,000 VIDEOS & BOOKS delivering 24/7 content to any device, and growing daily!

5 Reasons to use VI Media

We say NO to ads!

Sick of clicking “Skip Ads” multiple times during video playback? If you are sick of it, SO ARE WE!

Our tech strips adverts from videos! That’s why we created Vision Islam media!

Ever notice YouTube’s algorithm is constantly promoting “related” content, that showcase videos by celebrity “imams”; teaching a “diluted” Islam?

Don’t worry, such content does not reach our platform.

We only select the most appropriate videos from trusted channels, with the highest audio and visual quality.

Our tag search engine works exactly like other big video platforms, you can find anything! Searching gives you results that match your criteria.

No more “This video no longer exists” embeds, we have built-in proprietary technology that removes videos, that’s no longer hosted on Video sharing platforms, data centres or CDN’s.

Our tech also removes advertisements from videos.



Lets make this year, the year, that we’re going to learn the glorious Qur’an. In our unique program we will teach you how to recite the glorious Qur’an with ahkaam and tajweed. Our program is for kids, teens and adults. Or learn privately one on one.

Come and learn with us!

We currently offer the following courses:

  • Islamic Studies (Aqeedah & Fiqh) for kids/ teens and adults.
  • Additional courses for Hadith / Tarabiyyah and Tafsir for adults
  • Qur’an courses for kids/ teens and adults.
  • Qur’an 1 on 1 courses for kids/ teens and adults.
Our teachers have demonstrative knowledgeable, with many years of actual experience in teaching Kids, Teens and Adults.

Our teachers display great patience, flexibility and tolerance towards all students, and are highly skilled in delivering the course material, in a clear and concise way.

The kids and teens hang out in the classroom, not in the streets. We have well appointed classrooms that are comfortable and quiet, with all the amenities that students require and expect.



Become Tomorrows Imam, Today! The seekers of knowledge program is an initiative of Vision Islam.

Our objective is to train many successful applicants with a complete system of education, training and support to successfully become tomorrows Imams and scholars.

We have partnered with an internationally recognised Islamic university and other institutions based in Egypt.

Program Features

About the Seekers of Knowledge Program

All praise is due to Allah, and may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon Muhammad, his family, and colleagues, the greatest of all Prophets and Messengers. In terms of the following:

In Australia, the number of practicing Muslims and Masjids / Islamic institutions has risen. Increasing the demand for available resources. To adequately fulfill the obligation of dawah, we need a new generation of potential Imams who understand the Australian people and culture and can engage with them effectively.

This program is one-of-a-kind, with a curriculum designed to help students achieve greatness with Allah’s assistance. Graduates will be able to educate and lead their communities with wisdom and understanding. Our students continue to help the community and society as a whole thanks to continued training.

We ask Allah, the Almighty, to bless everyone who has helped with the Seekers of Knowledge Program. We ask Allah to make this initiative a continual success. With a united community, banding together to spread Islamic knowledge, and cleanse the Muslim ummah of ignorance; to bless our communities in Australia and around the world, to guide us to all that is good, and to endow us with honesty in words and actions.


Future Imams/Sheikhs require more than Islamic knowledge alone; they also require experience and understanding of the community’s reality through long-term mentor-ship, which is provided in the leadership program. The first stage of the leadership program will commence when the accepted students begin the Seekers of Knowledge program.

The second stage begins after graduation upon their return to Australia. They will undergo practical training under the guide of the experienced leaders/Imams/Sheikhs of Vision Islam for 1-2 years. In addition, Vision Islam will reach out to notable community leaders/Imams/Sheikhs within the Muslim community around Australia who can offer further training. This will aid graduates to give their Da’wah in the best possible way, to serve their communities and pass this knowledge to generations to come.

After receiving training and experience, the third stage will be ongoing consultation and assistance. The qualified Imams/Sheikhs will now be able to call to Allah and lead their Muslim communities with confidence on their own, having the assurance and backing of Vision Islam.

It is necessary to train a future generation that is able to assume the responsibility of nurturing the Muslim community in Australia.


Vision Islam has conducted years of research, analysis and has put heavy scrutiny into the costs of the Seekers of Knowledge program. Therefore, we have successfully managed the expenditure of the scholarship.

For the successful applicant, the Seekers of Knowledge program provides a full scholarship which covers all the needs of travel, a modest lifestyle and tuition. This is a generous blessing Allah has made possible for the Seekers of Knowledge students.

The Seekers of Knowledge program carries great importance and social responsibility. Vision Islam is committed to facilitate everything for the students’ needs and provide them with services. We will help them undertake their studies and upon return, mentor them in their Da’wah.

  • Qur’an Memorisation (2 Years)
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies (3 Years)
  • Bachelor in Islamic Studies (6 Years)
  • Masters in Islamic Studies (2 Years)
  • Phd in Islamic Studies (2 Years)



The United Muslims of Brisbane (UMB) is a Masjid, a non-profit organisation, and a Community and Islamic Dawah organisation that focuses on reviving the Islamic spirit in people’s lives in accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

UMB Programs

The humble beginnings of the UMB came from a single lesson by Sheikh Jihad after flying in from Sydney in 2005. Upon realising the urgent need for engagement and support for the Muslim youth, the UMB organisation was then established by Sheikh Jihad and a couple of local brothers. In 2008, following increased youth attendance and enthusiasm, the UMB by the will of Allah, moved into their first rented property in Kingston Rd, Slacks Creek.

This centre became a Masjid with Friday prayers and a youth hub with weekly Quran and Islamic lessons, gatherings and activities. With the need to expand the Masjid and greater youth attendance, the UMB moved into a larger rented premise on Blackwood Rd, Woodridge. Alhamdulilah, this location still currently serves the UMB with increased purpose and is led voluntarily on full-time basis by a Shura group of six led by Sheikh Jihad. The UMB is now a recognised Masjid in Logan and Brisbane.

To be the most active and prominent Masjid and Islamic youth and dawah organization in Queensland that provides a comprehensive range of religious and social programs to residents of Logan and Brisbane regions.

The Eid festival by the UMB is the ONLY Eid festival on Eid Day in Australia, giving back to the Muslim community, ensuring a family-friendly and Islamic space to celebrate the only Islamic festival prescribed to the Muslims – Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. This a not-for-profit event to serve the Community only and hence why it is always held on the day of Eid no matter the day or month.

Every year, the UMB further aims to achieve its goals and visions by creating bigger and better community events in a halal and family-friendly environment.

After a 2-year absence due to COVID-19, Eid at the Park has found a new home at the very popular and well-known Mount Gravatt Showgrounds. The event is organised by a group of volunteers for the sake of Allah, who work together tirelessly throughout the year to create these amazing and joyful events for the Muslim community and the general public to enjoy. Our multicultural tasty food kiosks, thrilling rides, children’s toy stalls, arts and craft, animal exhibitions, fireworks, entertaining family stage shows and games, roaming entertainment, friendly staff and volunteers all contribute to this delightful event.

Eid At the Park can be traced back to its humble beginnings as a small community event in Svoboda Park, Kuraby, in 2010. Following the success of this event, the Eid At the Park Festival was relocated to accommodate for the larger number of stallholders and attendees. Since then, this huge event space has become home to the largest Eid day festival in Australia.

UMB hosts the annual UMB camp which features the famous Go Beyond challenge. The camp is so packed full of activities that the kids rave about it all year round.

Due to the popularity of the camp it is usually booked out months in advance, usually by the previous years attendees.

Other Services

  • 5 daily prayers
  • Friday Jumaah
  • Lessons for Kids / Teens / Adults
  • Counseling services
  • Eid Festivals
  • Annual Youth Camp
  • Sporting events
  • Sisters group
  • Saturday talks and dinner
  • Community events
  • Fundraising events
  • Dawah support and propagation
  • and more